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We’re a small, agile staffed with resourceful problem solvers who blend technology and a human touch for an outstanding service



DeliveryPlus offers professional delivery and mailroom management services at a competitive price. We aim to provide a solution to your delivery or pickup problem by offering you different type of services to suit your needs


  • Same Day Delivery - We deliver or collect within the requested day.


  • 24 Hour Delivery - We optimise your cost by booking in advance, deliver the next-day.


  • Company dispatch - We take care of your morning, afternoon or full-day dispatch or collection.


  • Off-Zone Delivery - We deliver outside our coverage areas.




With DeliveryPlus, you are hassle free, free for you to focus on major interest and save your energy for other priorities.


Companies normally employ in house messengers to handle their dispatch and deliveries. Say goodbye to recruiting, training, absenteeism, employee turnover, employee benefit costs and don't be an unsatisfied employer! Say hello to efficient mailroom receiving, distribution and fulfillment as DeliveryPlus offers you the opportunity to cut your payroll, ensures safer and prompt delivery of all your envelopes and parcels.



Cutting edge technology keeps DeliveryPlus messengers in touch with our customers 

  • Online Booking System allows access 24/7 to place orders. Your address book of regular deliveries also makes expediting an order fast and accurate.


  • Immediate Proof Of Delivery available by E-mail when your delivery order is completed.


  • Real-Time Tracking allow us to pinpoint the location of your package at a moment’s notice.


  • Communication: We outfit all of our messengers  with GPS and jobs are dispatched directly to team members phone, avoiding any miscommunication.


  • Custom Invoicing: The power of information retrieval, when you want it and how you want it, our reporting capabilities allow us to sort your invoice as per client references and delivery history. All invoices come with an summary page that indicates your delivery order number, a brief description of items and how much it cost.


DeliveryPlus is a " Made in Moris " service for domestic deliveries as we want the best for our local people. Its time for you to take advantage of our full array of services

  • You have 2 or 3 envelopes to be delivered at the same location DeliveryPlus charge you the price of one.


  • An easy-to-use website to place online orders.


  • Sealed container bag for your envelopes or parcels.


  • Urgent time-critical documents transported safely and securely.


  • Flexible scheduling whenever, wherever you need it – Same-day or 24 hour.


  • Clear and accurate lines of communication.


  • Technology with real-time tracking visibility.


  • Technology solutions include POD & Signature Capture to accurately gauge pick-up and delivery times


  • Delivery Receipt for sender and receiver on pick up and after job is done.


  • Customized reports ensuring efficiency and cost saving.


  • A modern and professional inland delivery service at a low market price.


  • Our Business Hours: From Monday to Friday starting at 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.


  • Maximum Size for Envelopes, Small , Medium and Large for express delivery in our coverage areas are limited to the following dimensions: Length: 35cm Width :50cm Height:40cm.


  • The requestor or sender shall pay the bill and is accountable during pick up.


  • Mode of payment: Cash, Cheques, Bank Transfer or MCB juice. For monthly packages invoice shall be settle each 30th of the month.








Building up on our rich experience working in the Logistics departments of large companies, we have decided to set up DeliveryPlus to meet an increasing demand in the market for more efficient delivery services. Customer service is at the heart of all that we do, and our aim is to make your experience with DeliveryPlus a satisfactory and pleasant one!


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