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Our main zone of operation in which we excel are Port -Louis ⇄ Ebene ,be assured that we have the logistic to deliver all over the Island 

 Hot Zones: Red Areas - Blue Areas - Green Areas

Our Circuit is the Motorway M1

Riche Terre  Phoenix

Zone1 : Riche Terre


Zone2 :Mer Rouge


Zone3 :Port Louis Centre


Zone4 :Caudan - Bell Village 




Zone5 :Pailles


Zone6 :Soreze  


Zone7 :Bagatelle - Moka 




Zone8 :Reduit - Ebene 


Zone9 :Rose Hill 


Zone10 :Quatre Bornes 


Zone11 :Phoenix

 The Red Zone 

Zone 4: Caudan\Bell Village

 The Blue Zone 

 The Green Zone 

Zone 8: Ebene

Zone 10: Quatre Bornes\Trianon

Zone 11: Phoenix

Zone 1: Riche Terre

Zone 1: Riche Terre

Zone 2: Mer Rouge

Zone 3: Port-Louis Centre

Zone 5: Pailles

Zone 6: Sorez

Zone 7: Bagatelle\Moka

Zone 9: Rose-Hill

Zone 8: Reduit

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