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Messenger services from your envelopes to over-sized parcels

Your delivery


You are in a rush to deliver or collect an important letter, a missing document, an ID card, a spare part for your car, optical glasses or medicines? We are the solution to your problems. We master all the tricks for ensuring that your package gets from pick-up to drop-off on time and in perfect condition. You will enjoy working with our professional, uniformed and courteous messengers. We use the latest technology in everything from our ordering system to real-time tracking and communication system to ensure the most cost effective solutions, saving you time and money.





How It Works


Start a delivery

Delivery Plus offers a wide range of services that will suit both your budget and your business needs.


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Messenger arrives for Pick-up

We verify your delivery order and register your documents or parcels.


We transfer your deliveries into a sealed container bag to make sure your envelopes or parcels are secure.


Your delivery receipt will be handed to you on the spot.


We track your Parcel on a live map throughout the delivery process.


Delivered and confirmed

Once your envelope or parcel is picked up, the receiver will sign on the delivery receipt and keep a copy for himself.


An instant Proof Of Delivery (POD) with digital signature of receiver will then be forwarded to you (sender) by email notification.


The email will also include a summary of your delivery order and will let you know the exact date and time when your parcel is picked up.

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